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Join Our
Customer Council

Empower Vulnerable Customers with Financial Literacy Skills

As a member of our customer council, you will be a key player in shaping the future of our financial literacy programs for vulnerable customers.

Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable customers

By being a part of the customer council, you can directly influence how our products and services are developed to better meet the needs of your vulnerable customers.


Contribute to the creation of product development

Our customer council is at the heart of our product development process. We listen to your feedback and insights to ensure that our products and services are not only innovative but also meet the needs of our customers.


Be a leader in the industry

By being a part of the customer council, you can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our industry. Your feedback and insights will help us develop products and services that set the standard for excellence.

Join our customer council today and become a catalyst for positive change.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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Make a Difference

Your involvement: Quarterly Online Meetings

  • Material Review: Carefully examine our educational materials, including articles, videos, and interactive exercises, and provide feedback on their clarity, relevance, and effectiveness for vulnerable customers.

  • Focus Group Participation: Engage in insightful group discussions alongside other members, sharing your personal experiences, insights, and perspectives on the financial literacy challenges faced by vulnerable customers.  This collective knowledge will help us gain a deeper understanding of our target audience's needs and expectations.

  • Design Feedback: Offer constructive feedback on the design and layout of our learning materials, suggesting improvements to enhance accessibility, user-friendliness, and engagement for vulnerable customers.

  • Collaborative Design Input: Partner with our design team to provide valuable input on the development of new learning materials and features. 

  • Research Review: Delve into the research reports and findings conducted by Educational Intelligence, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and best practices in financial literacy education for vulnerable populations. Your perspectives will inform our strategies and enhance the effectiveness of our programs.

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