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Bridge the Financial Numeracy Gap.

Equip Your Vulnerable Customers.

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12.9 Million Can't Cope.

The Financial Literacy Crisis

Millions of UK adults face financial challenges. In 2022, 12.9 million (24%) lacked the resilience to manage their finances effectively.

At E.I., we believe everyone deserves financial confidence.


We partner with financial institutions and government to equip vulnerable communities with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Join our Customer Council and help us shape the future of financial literacy by sharing your lived experiences and insights.

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Breaking Down Barriers.

Building Up Confidence

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Ditch the textbooks - we're pioneering a new future of learning.

We've gone beyond outdated methods to create engaging, personalised experiences that speed up the learning journey.


Our team of experts combines cutting-edge learning psychology with AI to cut through the noise and focus on what matters most: building numeracy, life skills, and confidence.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Expert-backed: Our team of specialists combines human expertise with the power of AI to ensure learners are on the right track.

  • Unique psychology and A.I experience: Say goodbye to the traditional textbook grind—we prioritise fun, effectiveness, and personalisation, catering to diverse needs and learning styles.

  • Real-world results: We don't just teach; we empower learners with practical skills to reach their real-world goals, whether it's aiding their children with homework or advancing their careers.

Educational Intelligence.

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Where Cutting-Edge Psychology Meets AI to  Equip Adults for Real-World Success

We are a dedicated team of psychologists, data scientists, and technology leaders committed to improving digital learning for adults.

Educational Intelligence is founded on first-principle educational psychology and aims to create a fresh "Blueprint" for adult learning.

We use cutting-edge technology, including AI, to ensure that the learner is always at the forefront of our approach, equipping them to reach their full potential and meet the needs of large-scale government education programmes.

Our first application is called "Money Matters", offering practical numeracy for life and work.

We are currently recruiting for our customer council to help us shape the future of our financial literacy programs for your vulnerable customers.

Effortless Learning Real-World Results.

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E.I. Focus Group Findings

Have you ever experienced maths anxiety?

7/7 stated they have:

“I didn’t take a job as a delivery driver during lockdown because I didn’t want to handle change”

“I would avoid answering out in class – in case I got it wrong”

“To be honest, I glaze over when we talk numbers at work”

What outcomes would you expect or want?

Incentives “I like the Starbucks app” vouchers, holidays 

Life skills “to be better at household stuff - money”

Tracking “The RBS app has been a game changer for me and money – I now know where it is going”

Signposting “showing good apps to use for specific areas of maths”

Maths and careers – 7/7 have thought about moving to another career in their working life

Biggest barrier 5/7 – learning the new skills required

Contact Us

Educational Intelligence Brand DNA 2024.png
To get involved and change lives

We offer two ways to get involved:

  • Join our Customer Council.

  • Invest in E.I. We're currently fundraising (seis/eis investment opportunity)

What the FT Says.

The Financial Literacy Crisis

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