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A New Blueprint for Adult Education

Educational Intelligence

Redefining Adult Education

We're pioneering a groundbreaking approach to adult education, where learning isn't the old-school process but an entirely new and engaging experience.

Adult learning is our foundation, built on educational psychology principles to craft a fresh "Blueprint." 


We prioritise learners' evolving needs for motivation and course materials. Using advanced tech, we create personalised, immersive learning experiences for empowered students. 

The Blueprint

Learning Experience

Learning experience Blueprint with Educational Intelligence

We want our students to feel empowered, capable and prepared to change their world. We're a long way from dull lectures; we aim to engage students so that they want to learn. 


We redefine online education by harnessing the power of mediated learning experiences. Unlike traditional online courses, our approach goes beyond mere information delivery. We transform the learning journey into a dynamic, interactive adventure that fosters deeper understanding and retention.


Relevance Blueprint with Educational Intelligence


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Relevance is the heart of our approach. Our topics relate directly to daily life, whether becoming financially literate, earning a qualification, excelling at work, or confidently assisting children with homework.

Our students actively engage in a personalised learning experience powered by AI-driven educational psychology, ensuring topics resonate personally. Our dynamic AI mediation engine keeps learners excited, committed, making their learning journey smoother and more fulfilling.

Skills for life

What's in it for our learners? Learners will unlock the maths behind everyday scenarios, from managing finances to mastering media stats and smarter shopping. 


Our AI-powered platform goes beyond just teaching maths—it understands the user.


Backed by gold-standard educational psychology, it understands and inspires students, turning their numeracy journey into a dynamic experience.

Life Skills

Career Advancement

Turning dreams into achievements. Learners will earn life-changing qualifications for career growth and personal development.

Career advancement with Educational Intelligence

Life Skills

Homework Success

Empower learners to confidently assist with their children's homework and support their family's education journeys

Life skills with Educational Intelligence

Life Skills

Financial Literacy

Math is more than numbers; it empowers life. Learners will uncover essential financial skills for informed money decisions

Financial literacy with Educational Intelligence

Life Skills

Adaptive Learning

Whether they're chasing qualifications, sharpening their numeracy at work, or guiding their children through homework, our platform grows alongside them.

Adaptive learning with Educational Intelligence

About us

Educational Intelligence is founded on first-principle educational psychology and aims to create a fresh "Blueprint" for adult learning.

We use cutting-edge technology, including AI, where it counts, to ensure that the learner is always at the forefront of our approach.

By shaping technology to meet learners' needs, we can create personalized and immersive experiences that empower individuals to reach their full potential and meet the needs of large-scale government education programmes.

We are a dedicated team of psychologists, data scientists, and technology leaders committed to improving digital learning for adults.

Our first application is practical numeracy for life and work.

We are currently taking investment. Join our mission to build a world-class team with a social purpose. Register now for investment or career opportunities.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

Albert Einstein

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